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Though a final spec is still a work in progress, HTML 5 is already playing an ever increasing role in the web and mobile development work I do. It's grown from a blogging app into a powerful, lightweight and versatile CMS.  Wordpress is awesome. While the iPhone is a nice device, I've embraced the open source philosophy of developing for the Android mobile platform. When HTML, CSS and Javascript aren't enough, the majority of the web development work I do is in PHP. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database for a reason. Twitter may still be a little rough around the edges, but microblogging is for real and the Twitter API rocks. jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile UI are making it easier for content developers to build next generation web applications with open source tools. OpenX is my favorite open source solution for managing and maximizing your online and mobile advertising inventory. When WordPress isn't the right tool for the job, I turn to the equally amazing open source CMS framework known as Drupal. content developer helps you build share and monetize content driven community focused web sites using open source tools like wordpress, buddypress, openx and flowplayer, and social networking platforms like twitter and facebook.
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 Featured Content: Friday, November 27th, 2015

Build Your Own 3D Video Wall

Looking for a way to publish a large library of H.264 video to your website in a free brandable player?

How to build your own 3D web video wall with CoolIris, Flash Video and XML


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How To Make Custom QR Codes

Why settle for an ordinary QR Code when you can embed your own design elements or brand logo?

Custom QR Code for Louis Vuitton created by Takashi Murakami for SET Japan


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Definition: What is a Content Developer?

What is a Content Developer? From large corporations to creative start-ups, we take a look at the evolving role of the content developer.

The Gospel of Self Publication

The Gospel of Self Publication. Yes. What goes around, comes around. The Brand has resurfaced as a strong content distribution platform.

Open Source Geotargeting with OpenX

Open Source Geo Targeting. You can use OpenX to not only better geo target your advertising inventory, but also deliver your global content.

Using Skype for Podcasting and Production

Using Skype for Podcasting and Production. Skype is in the work flow for both content creation and worldwide team collaboration.

The Content Developer Multi Platform Ecosystem

The Content Developer Multi Platform Ecosystem. There are a lot of moving parts getting from concept to consumer.

Open Source SMS Text Messaging Application

Open Source SMS Text Messaging Application. Still one of our most popular posts. Send text messages to your users with PHP/MySQL.


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