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SXSW – Eyespot

is one of my favorite companies that I learned about at this year. When their VP of Content David Todd gave me a demo of their just launched beta site at their tradeshow booth the in the corporate marketing region of my brain just started firing like crazy.

Eyespot’s branding statement is Shoot. Mix. Share. Ok, the slogan sounds a little familiar but the eyespot service is new in that it is an online video remixer that lets the user remix and video content (audio too) and then share it via with most any video capable cellphone.

Another David (apologies I forgot his lastname) was also manning the booth. Now that we had a little mini convention of people named David going on at their booth, I learned that this David is the coding force behind building the site. He shared with me how he spent months cranking out an on his own and has only recently been able to start adding other people to start picking up the pace and expanding the effort. I think the staff is up to about six people now. The startup vibe is such a great feeling and I could feel it circulating through them.

Go check out eyespot and see for yourself. The doesn’t really capture what the site is all about. You need to set up an account to be able to play with it. I shared with David (no, the other one) that the tour left me cold after getting the demo in person. I think it might be more effective if they could make a dummy account part of the tour or at least build a simulation that captures the fun of the eyespot experience.

If you are looking for innovative ways to have end users spend more time interacting with your brand, would seem to open up a new world of opportunities.


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