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Social Media in San Antonio

If you’re interested in learning more about the evolving industry in and how it may impact your business, be sure and check out today’s column in the San Antonio Express-News by Alan Weinkrantz.

From , to content (thanks Alan for the visit and for mentioning Content Developer), to , Alan delivers a quick exploration of a cross section of companies and individuals that are helping to shape the San Antonio Social Media Ecosystem.

companies in san antonio forming social media ecosystem

Even if you follow social media closely, chances are you might learn about something or someone new in the article — I did.

…The software architect behind lives here in San Antonio.

And in a nice multi-platform example of how to build your digital brand by using traditional print media content to drive traffic to your content, Alan’s following up this column with a series of video interviews with some of the people mentioned in his newspaper piece.

You can watch those interviews as they’re published over on Alan’s public relations blog and his YouTube Channel.

Good work Alan.


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